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Treatment Services

We Promote A Holistic Approach to Sustained Recovery

NH Addiction Recovery Services

12 Step Approach
to Treatment

This approach has seen more success than any other method the world over. Being led by individuals that have a deep and personal knowledge of the steps, our guests can attain lasting and meaningful recovery from addiction. 

Whole Body Focus

        We not only focus on the psychological issues that accompany addiction, but the physical and spiritual toll as well. We utilize the practices of yoga and meditation, a healthy diet, and regular physical exercise in order to sync the mind, body, and spirit.

NH Addiction Recovery Treatment

Skills Classes and Outdoor Excursions

        We offer classes that vary from cooking to woodworking in order to inspire a passion for a new sober hobby. We also encourage our guests to join us on weekly hikes and kayaking trips.

NH Addiction Recovery Treatment
NH Addiction Recovery Treatment

Individual and Group Counseling

Each guest will experience regular one on one counseling with a licensed counselor to create an individualized treatment plan. This is coupled with numerous group sessions to foster the most supportive and effective environment for healing.

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