Addiction Treatment Services

Mountain View Retreat (MVR) promotes a holistic approach to sustained recovery. We believe in addressing all aspects of an individual’s well-being in order to achieve lasting healing. This includes taking care of the body, mind, and emotions with different kinds of support and treatments.

Our PHP Addiction Recovery Services

Our addiction treatment services are ideal for those interested in a complete abstinence approach to recovery. MVR serves men 18 years or older who have completed a detox or another program and want to solidify their recovery.

The 12-step approach to addiction recovery, developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), guides individuals through a structured framework to overcome addiction. Central to this process are the initial steps of admitting powerlessness over the addiction and believing in a higher power for support.

The 12-step program emphasizes spiritual growth, self-reflection, accountability, and helping others. It provides a supportive community and a structured pathway to addiction recovery.

Our addiction treatment program follows proven methods to guide individuals through the addiction recovery process. The 12-step approach is tried and trusted for comprehensive recovery care. 

Holistic Addiction Treatment

We focus on addressing the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. To connect the mind, body, and spirit, we use yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

Nutrition and Fitness

At Mountain View Retreat, we emphasize holistic health in addiction recovery. We believe in the transformative power of proper nutrition and physical fitness.

Mind-Body Connection

We organize activities such as addiction recovery yoga and meditation to help strengthen the connection between the mind and body. These holistic practices in our programs create a supportive environment that encourages long-term well-being.

Addiction Therapy Services

Our PHP addiction treatment services range from cooking to woodworking to inspire a passion for a new, sober hobby. We also encourage our guests to join us on weekly hikes and kayaking trips.

Life Skills Training

Our program offers a variety of classes to help people develop important life skills for a successful journey to recovery. These classes cover topics such as basic nutrition education, effective coping strategies, and practical guidance on job search techniques and resources.

Outdoor Activities

We invite our guests to participate in outdoor activities to improve their physical and mental well-being. Outdoor therapy is effective for treating addiction, so we offer opportunities for hiking and even boat building.

Addiction Counseling

All guests will have regular one-on-one sessions with a licensed counselor to create a personalized treatment plan. Together with many group sessions, this helps create the best environment for support and healing.

Personalized Therapy

Our therapy treatment plans are designed to cater to the unique needs of each guest. We provide personalized therapy for individuals dealing with addiction and offer group counseling sessions to help people overcome personal and shared struggles.

Community Support

We aim to create a caring and inclusive community by offering group therapy sessions to help people dealing with addiction. In our meetings, we create a supportive place where people can connect with others who are going through similar challenges, share their experiences, and receive support.

Our PHP Addiction Treatment Center

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) combines the 12-step approach, individual and group counseling, and holistic activities like yoga and meditation. The duration of our PHP can range between 30 and 90 days, but we recommend at least 60 days.

Addiction Recovery Services in a Structured Environment

The Mountain View Addiction Recovery Center provides a serene setting to support our guests' recovery goals. This structured program includes regular individual progress monitoring to ensure recovery success.

Addiction Treatment Center Amenities

The Fitzwilliam Inn is beautiful and historic and offers a comfortable experience for an addiction recovery retreat. We contract with the inn to provide housing at no extra cost while guests attend our program. 

The inn has private bathrooms and comfortable queen memory foam mattresses in each room. There is also plenty of outdoor seating, a fire pit, and a covered smoking area. We have a games room with ping pong, a bumper pool table, board games, a large TV, and cozy seating. We also have a full-time chef and a wood-fired pizza oven.

Comprehensive Addiction Support Services

MVR offers a range of holistic recovery support services. From the proven 12-step approach to regular progress monitoring and holistic activities, our PHP for men is designed to solidify lasting recovery. 

FAQs for Mountain View Retreat Treatment Services

Our program to help people overcome addiction offers different therapies to address the causes of addiction and promote overall healing. These include individual and group counseling, yoga, meditation, coping strategies, basic nutrition, and job search skills. We also offer unique therapeutic classes such as boat building and cooking.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides intensive and structured treatment, with housing provided at no charge. This arrangement ensures a stable and supportive environment, including meals prepared by a chef and holistic activities such as yoga and meditation. The goal is to provide a controlled environment that supports recovery without the need for inpatient care.

Housing is included in our treatment program at no charge, providing a safe and supportive environment. This arrangement includes meals prepared by a chef, contributing to a holistic recovery experience. Insurance covers only the treatment part of the program, while the housing component is provided as an added benefit to support your recovery.